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Welcome to my homepage!

After many years with pekingese and great show success with them, in 1998 all my old dogs had passed away within six months, and thus left me without any dog. So I was searching for a breed which may also accompany me for walk.
Since I live next to woods and fields, it had to be a breed without any hunting instincts and so I found the pug.

Actually I intended to buy one puppy but suddenly I had the puppy and also his father in my house. So it all started again ... I went to dogshows and was very successful right from the start ...

You will find more information about my dogs and their show success on their own pages on this site ...

My goal is to breed healthy pugs, as close as possible to the standard. All my  matings are planned carefully and I only use outstanding and highly decorated parents (all dogs I'm breeding with are multi-champions or soon becoming one) for my breeding - for me, this is desidedly the best way to accomplish my particular aims.

All my dogs, including the puppies, are living with us in our house. They are very well socialized, free and without any fears. From the 5th week onwards they are playing with the adult dogs. With 10 weeks of age they have seen a lot here and abroad, are used to driving and to meeting strangers, so that until now none of them had any problems in their new families.

Enjoy your stay on my page ...


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