About Pugs

The pug is a square and well muscled dog that is easy to keep in families and also in a pack. Pugs are very charming, intelligent, lively and always in good humour. They give you the feeling of a better quality of life because of their happiness.

Although they have another reputation, pugs are sportive dogs that enjoy daily walks very much.

Their weight is approx. between 6,5 and 9 kg.

Their coat should be soft, short and glossy like velvet (neither harsh nor woolly). The head should be round with good wrinkles, the ears small and black. The eyes should be large, round and dark, the nails and the nose have to be deep black.

The forelegs have to be straight and the hindlegs well angulated. 

The tail should be h
igh-set, curled as tightly as possible over the hip (double curl highly desirable).

Pugs are well-balanced, always jocular and adapt completely to their owner's temperament. Their threshold (if they have one) is very high so that aggression, malignity or disputes with fellow dogs virtually don't occur at all.

You can keep pugs without any problems with all sorts of animals. They are also good playmates for  children because they can handle a little thump every now and then.

Pugs don't mind all kind of wind and weather conditions. They only have to surrender to great heat because of their short nose.

Especially young pugs are very lively and almost bristle with energy. They therefore need a consistent education because they'll always try to amuse their owner in order to avoid instructions.

Pugs are able to grasp very well if their owner means business and will attend their orders or not.

They want to be taken seriously and respected as a parnter
by their owner. If you adhere strictly to this rule, pugs will be eager to please you with all their might.





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